What if your company could grow forests and change lives by serving better coffee?

Slow is the sustainable coffee company that works directly, on-the-ground with local communities, conserving forests.

DIRECT link between your company, coffee farmer
and forest - DIRECT impact

" We feel like we are making a difference – directly for our coffee supplier Mr. Visay.

It is great follow him and his family’s life and get updates. "

BEYOND coffee: interact, share, create content
with your local coffee farmer

" Our customers love having a direct link and custom content from our producer Mrs. Teng –

This makes our café special. "

Let’s find the best coffee solution for you.

Choose what applies to you:

Small Business

1-20 employees

Medium business

20-200 employees

Large business

200+ employees

We believe in on-the ground work when it comes to protecting forests, empowering growers and roasting the best coffee!

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Slow coffee is grown under the gentle shade trees (‘agroforest’), fighting against deforestation and preserving our biodiversity.

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We create true partnerships with the 37 Slow coffee grower families; increasing incomes, reducing risk and creating transparency by working together on the ground - all year round!

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We at Slow pride ourselves in providing artisan-grade, specialty coffee to you, your customers and employees – Roasted to suit the Nordic taste in a micro-roastery in Denmark.

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