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Nonsoung village group_Arnolds t-shirts_IV

Collaboration between Arnolds and Slow puts livelihood and environment firmly on the café table

Serving change on a tray The collaboration between Slow and the Finnish café and bakery chain Arnolds is based on …

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FødevareWatch: Coffee company gets a two-digit million investment in order to accelerate even more

The coffee company Slow, which produces coffee via forest farming in Vietnam and Laos, among others, has received new capital …

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Børsen Bæredygtig Cases: Canteen supplier will protect nature in new coffee plantation

A 52-hectare plantation in Laos is currently being converted to so-called regenerative agriculture. The company Slow Coffee is responsible for …

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20220117 Slow - WWF Vietnam Pitch deck_v12

Slow coffee from the forest spreads to 1000 farmers in Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia

A new collaboration between the coffee company Slow and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) will support sustainable coffee …

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Børsen: Coffee from the forest spreads to 1000 farmers in three countries

With major customers Mærsk and Coor in the order book from 2021, the coffee company Slow is now entering into …

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