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How Can You Tell the Quality of Coffee? Get to Know the Slow Process!

Slow coffee comes from the Bolaven plateau in Laos, where it grows under a canopy of trees. The coffee berries …

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These Slow coffee beans are roasted extra dark

Coffee Roasts – What are the Differences?

Coffee can be roasted at different temperatures, which directly affects the profile and taste of your delicious cup of coffee. …

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Slow Coffee Has Received the EU Organic Certification

As a result of hard work and a long process, Slow coffee has received the European Union organic certification. The …

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Slow Protects Forests by Growing Coffee

The key to producing high-quality coffee beans is not just the location where the coffee grows but also the environment surrounding the coffee trees. Coffee trees in Laos are naturally grown in small lots owned by the coffee farmers. The naturally occurring trees have protected and contributed …

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Slow Provides Support for Farmers in Laos

One of the most significant parts of Slow’s mission is to help and support farmers in sustaining and improving their livelihoods. For most farmers being cash, poor is part and parcel of life as a small lot coffee farmer. This can be an issue at times in Laos, especially during the harvest season …

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