Take Direct Trade to the next level for your Café, with Slow!

Individualized coffee from an unique micro-farm of your choice
Grown fór your Café, by a dedicated Slow Farmer
Roasted in Copenhagen, with a state-of-the-art Loring machine

Here is how the Slow Dedicated Farmers program for restaurants and Cafés work:  

1. First – you tell us how much coffee your 

café or restaurant needs per month

50kg or 500 kg? We got you covered! 

2. Slow then assigns your company a dedicated Slow farmer, 

who grows and delivers sustainable artisan coffee for your business 

Example farmer

Mrs. Teng

Your company’s dedicated coffee farmer…


…supplies artisan coffee to your company.


Roasted by Slow in a
micro-roastery in Copenhagen!

3. The end-result is significant livelihood improvements for your 

dedicated grower – and an improved tree cover and diversity on farms

…and of course, great 

coffee for your customers!


4. We also help you communicate your impact to your clients, employees and business partners!

Custom Content and
Material Pack

Regular updates and
annual progress reportsPack

Live Skype link with
farmer upon request!

See how other clients have adopted 

the dedicated farmer solution for their coffee!


By Mrs. Teng

Leipomo Jyvä, an artisan bakery from Tampere, Finland is working directly with Mrs. Teng, a specialty coffee grower on the Boalven Plateau in Laos.


Mrs. Teng currently supplies all of 

Leipomo Jyvä’s Coffee.


The partnership provides Mrs. Teng with a decent and stable market for her  product, reducing the uncertainty faced by many coffee farmers.


In parallel, Slow and Mrs. Teng work 

together to improve her farms’ forest cover and species diversity.


FarmTrace allows Jyvä, and Jyvä’s 

customers to track progress over time


Select Species and processing methods:

(e.g. fully washed, honey washed, natural: Typica, Catimor, Catuai)

Receive monthly deliveries of artisan coffee, roasted in Copenhagen with Loring machine

Design your custom coffee label for your bag

Receive regular interactive, branded content

Full traceability and impact tracking

See the current baseline for Mrs. Teng’s farms, and track progress over time with FarmTrace!

(Explore our work with the farmers here, and lear about of mission with forests here)

by Mrs. Teng

Insert farm trace here!

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