Great Coffee for Great Work!

Your new favourite coffee from Slow – Directly from our fully transparent value chain, suited for your taste buds and coffee setup.

Slow custom coffee range
Slow’s unique value chain setup allows us to pair you directly with the farmer who grows the perfect coffee for your taste. We then roast it specifically to suit your preferences and brewing setup.

Your coffee never tasted better!

Get your coffee from your farmer, exclusively!


(Filter/ Espresso)

Subject to conditions and availability

for top level coffee quality

In one sense, it is simple: managing the entire value chain from crop to cup allows us to produce a very high-quality coffee.
On the other hand, doing so is anything but simple – but when you taste Slow coffee, you’ll know why it’s worth it.
The Slow farmers carefully harvest only the perfectly ripe coffee cherries, and wet-process the coffee cherries in their own micro-wet mills.

After wet-milling and fermenting, the coffee is dried on drying tables in cocoons, usually located next to each farmer’s house.


The harvest occurs from September to January every year. (Pictured, Mr. Khamtai from Houay Way village).



At the end of the harvest season, each Slow farmer brings their coffee lots (now in “parchment” form) to the central dry mill for final processing to green coffee beans (pictured).
Each farmer’s coffee is processed separately, so the micro lot identity is maintained for complete traceability from the farmer to your coffee cup.

We are then exporting the Slow farmers’ coffee to Denmark and Finland, where we are roasting the coffee in state-of-the-art Loring machines. To maintain full traceability, down to each farmer and their micro-farm, we secure that the identity of the coffee lot is kept throughout roasting and packaging.

The Slow roast profiles are created by our Roast Master, Michael De Renouard – one of the leading speciality coffee experts in the Nordics.

Finally, Slow delivers the coffee to offices, restaurants and cafés across the Nordics.

We also want you to be able to trace your coffee right back to its origin and individual grower. All our coffee bags feature a QR-code that allows you to meet the farmer who grew each coffee lot!

We carefully handle each step along the way, making sure to treat each bean in such a way as to provide you with a cup of proper artisanal coffee.
Whether you opt for a dark, rich, velvety espresso that holds its own milky drinks or a light, fruity and complex filter brew – or somewhere in-between – you will have a well-suited cup to the Scandinavian palate.
Complex and exciting, yet easy to drink and enjoy every day.