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Slow is reforesting the world and supporting coffee farmers one cup of coffee at a time.

Check out what Slow can offer you and learn more about the difference you can make by choosing better coffee.

We increase, stabilize, and diversify the in- comes of coffee farmers.

Through coffee growing and income diversification, we empower women farmers.

Slow provides good jobs for coffee growers and their families, through a safe working environment.

Through coffee growing, we aim to increase the incomes and resilience of ethnic minority groups.

Slow ensures efficient and sustainable management of natural resources in the coffee production.

We actively grow agroforestry and create awareness around sus- tainable coffee production.

Slow regenerates and preserves forests, and combats land degradation, by implementing diverse coffee agroforestry.

Slow unites multiple stakeholders towards a common goal of conserving and regenerating forests.

Among others, we are proud to be serving:

The coffee industry is traditionally unsustainable…

The coffee industry is suffering from a broken value chain, that contributes to biodiversity loss and climate change. It keeps coffee farmers in poverty and lacks transparency. This makes it difficult for you to know where your coffee is coming from, how it was grown, and by whom.



Biodiversity Loss

…but growing Slow coffee reduces CO2 emissions and develops local livelihoods!

By choosing Slow as your coffee supplier, you take a stance against an unjust system, and you give support to nature, biodiversity and future generations. We enable you to trace the source of your coffee, from plot to cup.

Biodiversity & Carbon

Slow coffee grows alongside trees that absorb more carbon than emitted in the rest of the value chain, making your coffee carbon-negative.

Social Impact

With no middle-men Slow can ensure that farmers are paid a living income year after year, and that their communities are supported.

We offer you unique storytelling that...

  • Engages employees through great content on coffee and farm life.
  • Supports communication goals around sustainability while providing everyone with wonderful coffee to enjoy.

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August Septimius Krogh
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