Collaboration between Arnolds and Slow puts livelihood and environment firmly on the café table

Serving change on a tray

The collaboration between Slow and the Finnish café and bakery chain Arnolds is based on values of sustainability and transparency. An appreciation of the best ingredients and great taste has laid down the winning recipe for the partnership.
Photo by: Arnolds

Each one of Arnold’s 28 popular American-style café and bakery outlets is supporting smallholder coffee farmers in Nonsoung village, Laos, by selling Slow coffee alongside their fresh donuts, bagels, and toasts.

The collaboration includes 14 families who grow their crops under tree shade in the natural setting of an agroforest. Since 1991, Arnolds has been providing tasty treats to their customers. Now, with the addition of Slow coffee to their menu, customers can enjoy a great hot beverage, while positively impacting the environment and the lives of the coffee growers.

That is what makes Slow the perfect coffee partner for Arnolds. The Nonsoung farmers, like all those growing Slow coffee, don’t use chemicals or artificial fertilisers in their independent production. By working with Slow and Arnolds, the farmers receive a fair payment for their work and 40% of their harvest income in advance. The reach of the collaboration extends to the local community too, in the form of contributions toward local development initiatives.
We are very proud to supply our nature-positive coffee to Arnolds. The broad appeal of their brand is bringing the Slow movement further, and thereby increasing the positive impact on people and nature. The close cooperation between Slow and Arnolds strengthens our shared goal of bringing about real social and environmental change, as well as bringing more transparency to the coffee industry.
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