Slow Provides Support for Farmers in Laos

One of the main goals of Slow is to support farmers and improve their livelihoods.  This is done by providing farmers with advanced payment, bank accounts and an emergency fund.

For many coffee farmers in Laos, the savings earned by the farming family are often small. This is typical especially at the beginning of the harvest season, when coffee beans have not yet been sold. It is important that farmers have access to cash on a regular basis throughout the year so that they can cover their basic expenses.

Slow guarantees farmers 40% of payments in advance before the start of the harvest season. By doing this, the family income is distributed more evenly and regularly, and the family’s financial situation remains stable.

Farmers Get Their Own Bank Accounts

Coffee farmers usually live a long distance from the cities without a car or other means of transport, which also means a long journey to the bank. Payments for coffee have thus usually moved through intermediaries or farmers’ associations. This can easily expose farmers’ incomes to abuse or corruption.

Farmers have not had the opportunity to open bank accounts as they may not have even ID cards. For this reason, Slow has acquired identity cards for our farmers and opened bank accounts for them. Thus, there is always documentation of the payments, making the transactions more transparent and safer for our farmers.

The Emergency Fund Protects Against Illness

In addition to the down payment and bank account, Slow offers its farmers a unique opportunity to an emergency fund. The emergency fund helps when, for example, a farmer falls ill.

Due to illness, the farmer family may have to sell their coffee harvest prematurely or take out an expensive loan. In the worst case, the farmer does not receive medical treatment due to their financial situation. From the Emergency Fund, Slow’s farmers can raise an interest-free loan to secure their situation in the event of a sudden accident.

Farmers Have a Say in Future Projects

Slow is constantly striving to further develop projects like this, as they significantly increase the well-being of our farmers. Some of the ideas come directly from our farmers and will be developed together, so that our farmers have a say in influencing their own livelihoods.

In addition to coffee farming, we are also planning to reduce our farmers’ dependence on coffee as a source of income. For example, acquiring apiaries or planting fruit trees could provide the farmers with extra income. While these efforts may seem simple, they do bring significant positive changes to the farmers’ lives!

More on this later!