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Farm Management

June 2023 update

As the rainy season has just begun in Laos, the smallholder coffee farmers are actively managing their farms to ensure healthy and thriving coffee plants. Their primary focus is weeding and pruning, crucial tasks for maintaining the coffee plants during this period.


Regular weeding eliminates the unwanted competition for nutrients as the green berries develop, allowing the coffee plants to flourish. Weeding is a labour-intensive process. Removing invasive plants and grasses ensures that the coffee plants receive optimal resources for growth and minimise the risk of diseases and pests.


Additionally, pruning is vital to coffee plants’ overall health and productivity. By selectively trimming the branches and foliage, farmers can shape the plants, enhance air circulation, and facilitate the natural sunlight throughout the canopy. Pruning also helps maintain the desired height for easier harvesting.


Through regular weeding and effective pruning practices, smallholder coffee farmers actively invest their time and effort in ensuring the well-being of their coffee plants. These essential tasks during the rainy season contribute to their farms’ long-term productivity, ultimately producing high-quality coffee beans.


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