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Tree Planting

August 2022 update

The rainy season has begun in Laos, which is the perfect time for tree planting on the Lakkhao farm. 

At the beginning of the summer, we started by planting trees representing 14 different species. Our target is to plant 6,000 seedlings before the first week of August. Unique endangered varieties in this region are among the native tree species being planted. The fruit-bearing trees chosen for the project include jackfruit, papaya, pomelo, avocado, and rambutan. The embedded seedlings are supported by stakes and protected by bamboo guards, but ultimately, their survival will depend on the weather. Typically, 5-10% of the young trees will not mature. 

The farm workers will continue to manage the seedlings. Over the next month, they will manually remove weeds around the trees to ensure their growth. Growing forests helps increase the area’s biodiversity and improves the soil quality on the farm. Trees also help protect coffee plants from extreme weather conditions. The farm workers are also planting young coffee plants that will replace dead plants and replenish some areas with fewer plants. By mid-September, they will have planted around 50,000 coffee plants!

Watch out for more exciting updates on the Lakkhao farm!

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