A nature-positive partnership with deep roots​

Mrs Wandee, Nong Luang Village.

Coffee from the forest spreads to 1000 farmers in three countries

In the spring of 2022, Slow and WWF joined forces to lay down the roots for a sustainable future. Given our shared vision of a reforested world, our collaboration bears that sense of inevitability that characterises all great partnerships.

As a key action, Slow is expanding its nature-positive production to Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as widening our reach in Laos. This means restoring even greater areas of degenerated land, while reversing the trend on biodiversity-loss in those vulnerable places.

The initiative fits right into WWF’s overall plan – to restore 350 million hectares of forest landscapes by 2030, an ambitious target that greatly relies on sustainable business partnerships, just like this one, to make it happen.

WWF’s endorsement is a great stimulus for Slow and one that reaffirms our belief in what we do. The partnership has provided a platform from where we openly share our agroforestry model with crop producers worldwide!

Key areas: 

Global problems. Local solutions.

Discover the difference being made on the ground


Expanding our influence in Laos to restore nature and impact lives.


Bridging natural habitats with green corridors and offering 1000 farmers a positive alternative.


Stay tuned for more information.